Obamacare defies the odds!

Health insurance is no longer in the spotlight, but if we want to keep the millions insured who gained that help through the Affordable Care Act, we must do our best to keep it in people’s minds!

On Feb. 8, articles in both the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post reported good news: despite all the Republican and Trump attempts to damage the program, nationwide enrollment in the program did NOT substantially decline! There were about a half-million fewer sign-ups nationally, but nearly 12 million people bought ACA policies!

This is amazing to me, given that Trump cut the enrollment period in half, slashed millions of dollars for marketing the insurance, and now has eliminated the mandatory coverage requirement. Not to mention sharply higher premiums for some people, and now attacks on Medicaid.

It shows that people GET IT! They don’t want to be left with a choice between poor or no treatment and bankruptcy if they’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, or have an accident.  States like Maryland, which have their own insurance exchanges online led the way, staying level with 2017, while those with the federal exchange saw some declines. But Florida, which uses the federal exchange, had 1.7 million  enrollees, leading even larger California, with 1.5 million and a state-run exchange. In California, people buying ACA coverage for the first time rose 3 percent, according to the Post story.

I continue to believe that prices will continue to climb and the Republicans will do nothing to reverse that, including with prescription drug prices or the opiod crisis. Eventually, I think we will be forced to adopt a national, universal health care system in which we are all covered and we all pay taxes to support it. It is the only idea that makes common sense.

In the meantime, spread the word, on Facebook and other social media and in conversations with friends, neighbors and fellow voters. WHO YOU SUPPORT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE IN 2018 MATTERS A WHOLE LOT!

Larry Carson


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