Trump’s language

It isn’t so much the vulgar words he used, but their meaning that I most take offense at, for two reasons.

1.He is demeaning entire nations of people from black and brown countries.

2.He doesn’t know or doesn’t care how racist his words are. After all, immigrants normally leave their home countries when things are bad. And as the New York times pointed out on Sunday’s (Jan.14) front page, things weren’t so hot in Ireland, Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, etc. etc. etc, when tons of immigrants came here from those places a century ago. White Americans then enacted restrictive immigration laws to block “foreigners” who spole “foreign” other languages and lived in different cultures from coming here freely.

That is exactly what Donald Trump and the Republicans are trying to replicate now. They want to eliminate immigration, legal or otherwise, from black and brown countries. They are not quite as clear about it as the racists of the 1920’s were, when the KKK staged huge parades in Washington, D.C., but the intent is exactly the same.

We have to oppose this and fight it with everything we have. and we will prevail.

Larry CarsonT


1 Comment

  1. The GOP & T have cast their lot with a time gone by. They are making people comfortable with their prejudice. They have uncovered the sad underbelly of systemic racism and decided for pure short term political power to abandon common decency. We shall overcome.


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