Ye Merry Gentlemen

The Republicans in Congress would fit that description, it seems, as they gathered with President Trump to celebrate the passage of the huge $1.5 million tax cut, financed partly with borrowed money.

But I consider this merely a preliminary scuffle to the real aims of this bunch-massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. That is what they are really after, and it has nothing to do with economics, taxes or fiscal policy. It is based on political ideology and our corrupt campaign finance system.

You don’t see any congressional action to re-authorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program that allows nine million children to get medical care, although congress did appropriate money to fund the program until March. This is a program that has bipartisan support, but no action. NO action in the Senate either to authorize more disaster relief for victims of last summer’s massive storms. Or to make sure Amtrak begins using the technology that would have prevented the deadly rail accident in Washington State.

That’s because the Republicans are responding to their ideology and their donors, not to the public.

Not a word about banning bump stocks, despite the murder of 58 people in Las Vegas and the shooting of over 500 more people by one person! Worse, no action to re-authorize the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop the drug distributors from sending millions of addictive pills to small town pharmacies all over the country as thousands die of overdoses.  Again, the lobbyists and big money special interests carry the day.

But don’t worry. You will hear about the critical problem of the national debt once again if anyone dares propose boosting revenue to Social Security by requiring people with incomes over 127,000 a year to pay taxes on those earnings too.

Or proposals for a national health care system that covers everyone, and is paid for by taxes, eliminating insurance companies, premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Yes, Republicans will scream it is unaffordable, but that is just a smokescreen. Their real objection is to the idea of a single payer health system, even though it is the only solution that makes sense. President Trump bragged in signing the tax bill that its elimination of the Affordable Care Act mandate to have insurance will eventually kill the ACA. But there is nothing to replace it, leaving 50 million the freedom to go broke or die.

What they want is to return our country to a time before Franklin D. Roosevelt, when owners of major companies could do what they want, pollute all they want, supported by government troops if needed, and the mass of citizenry work at low paying jobs and struggle to feed their families, dying in poverty if they live long enough to retire.

We’ve got to mobilize for the 2018 elections and get rid of every Republican running for office. It is the only way.

Larry Carson


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