Regular Order?

That was the phrase used by Arizona senator John McCain in his speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate shortly before he voted “no,” which killed the Affordable Care Act repeal effort.

He said he wants new legislation considered in the traditional way, with public comments, hearings, and the legislative back and forth of years gone by.

But now he’s voted for the Senate Republican’s version of a sweeping tax cut bill that contains goodies for hedge fund managers, for fundamentalist preachers who want to pervert their churches for political campaigns,  and for huge tax breaks for the most wealthy Americans- all without one public hearing and written in secret just before the vote Dec. 2.

I can certainly understand why many people are cynical and feel they can’t trust politicians. They say one thing one day and do the opposite a few weeks or years later. It is disturbing to see Senators make impassioned speeches on the floor, on C-Span, which really mean absolutely nothing! NO one else is actually listening to them and they affect not one vote.

And both Republicans and Democrats employ similar tactics to get what they want or block what they don’t want.

The root of it, is, of course, as Sen. Bernie Sanders said repeatedly last year, the corrupt campaign finance system that increasingly allows big money interests to run everything. That is what must be changed.

Thankfully, we’ve made a start here in Maryland, and in both Montgomery and Howard County, where small donor matching programs have been adopted and are the law for those running for county executive and county council.  The new system is already working in Montgomery County and Howard’s is to begin in 2022.

Next, we have to change the system for state elected officials and then for candidates running for congress and the president. Don’t give in to despair. Keep working! We will win in the end.

Larry Carson




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