Don’t Knock, He’s dead

Want to get some idea of what it’s like to run for political office without any real support? Read this book by Adam Gordon Sachs, who, tempted by the retirement of all three District 12 (Ellicott City) delegates in 2014, ran for one of the seats along with nine other candidates.

“Don’t Knock, He’s Dead” is in the library. Adam did a lot of research and included lots of interesting details about other candidates finances, how the most successful ones benefitted from alliances and big money special interests and how he didn’t, and came in 9th.

The biggest flaw, I felt was that he didn’t use people’s real names for some mysterious reason. He made up nicknames for people and invented fake names for some elected officials, even though his descriptions of them made it clear who he was describing. I don’t get that, but it was a good description of what politics is like in America right now, and since we’ve got a big mid-term election coming up next year, it can be instructive to read.

Larry Carson”



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