Sign people up to the ACA!

Since the Trump administration, according to the Washington Post, Aug.7, is not renewing contracts with companies that have helped thousands of people sign up for health Insurance under the ACA, maybe we can!

I think all the post-Trump election resistance groups ought to form a loose coalition for this shortened sign up period starting in November, and find ways to encourage people to get insurance. I volunteered doing this in 2014 with Organizing for Action.

We greeted everyone entering county libraries and asked if they had insurance and simply referred them to the county health department to sign up. We gave them the address, the phone # etc.

It strikes me as the perfect opportunity for all the various groups: Do The Most Good,  Together We Will, Indivisible, OFA, Democrats, Independents and some Republicans to volunteer again and coalesce around this cause.

What do YOU think?

Larry Carson



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