We dodged a bullet, but votes ultimately decide

Like you, I sighed with relief to find out Friday morning that the Senate defeated the latest attempt to repeal the ACA, and that President Trump’s administration, despite all the harm done, seems to be entering a downward spiral.
But next year’s mid-term elections will ultimately decide how all this plays out, and right now, things don’t look so promising.
First, the core of Trump’s supporters continue ignoring reality and are remaining loyal to him. Our best hope there is that many won’t bother to vote in mid-term elections.
The big danger, though, is that Democratic supporters, despite all the rallies and outrage, may do the same thing.
In fact, a recent Washington Post article sounded the warning. “Anti-Trump protests unlikely to fuel Democratic Voters,” by Mike DeBonis and Emily Guskin, reported on a Washington Post-ABC poll that showed that REpublicans are more likely to vote next year than Democrats!
“A surge of anti-Trump protests does not appear to have translated into heightened Democratic voter enthusiasm,” the article concludes.
Other opinion pieces have suggested it might be poor strategy to try to convince Trump voters to switch. Instead, what Democrats must do is turn out more supporters at the polls.
That’s why rapping on doors now and talking to as many people as possible is so important.
If we can’t persuade people inclined to favor Democratic control of congress to get out and vote, things could get a lot worse in the next congress.
So PLEASE, don’t let yourself slide back to apathy. Get active and stay active!
If you go to the Howard County Fair August5-12, stop at the Democratic booth, pick up some literature and materials, and go public!
Larry Carson


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