Thank Heaven for Donald Trump!

NO, you are not imagining that headline. I’m serious. Think about it, Trump is such an erratic personality that he is actually helping to undermine the horrible Republican bills aimed at killing the Affordable Care Act. First he had a party at the White House when the House of Representatives passed a bill, and then later called it “mean.”

Now, with the Senate tied in knots over the same issues, he goes with the Koch Bros. and Rand Paul and suggests just repealing the law without any replacement. That further undermines McConnell’s efforts to stich something together that will get 50 Senate votes. IN my book, that is good!

And all Trumps’ media attacks and tweets just further convince members of congress that they need not listen to him-or fear him, which is also good!

Of course, none of this takes away from the irony of Pres. Obama using Republican ideas to craft a conservative plan for improving health care, only to have Republicans oppose it and campaign against it for years.

Stay tuned, and keep agitating!

Larry Carson


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