better health care needs campaign finance reform

The top editorial in the June19 Washington Post was entitled “The high cost of single-payer health care.”  It makes the point that while other countries have single payer systems and spend much less for better outcomes than we do, we probably can’t expect the same kinds of savings if we follow suit.

We are just not as “cost efficient,” the Post said, and current government run health care programs (no specifics) spend more now than is spent by entire other countries for all health care. The government, it goes on, can’t clamp down on prices now because “it’s hard to do so politically.”

EXACTLY! As Senator Bernie Sanders kept pointing out, we must change our campaign finance system to keep members of congress from bowing to big money special interests who pay the freight on their increasingly expensive elections.

That’s why having a new campaign finance system here in Howard County, as passed 4-1 by the county council and approved by the voters, is so important. Yet county executive Allan Kittleman vetoed the bill on June 14, forcing the council to vote again to override that veto.

Even then, county Republicans could try to petition the bill onto the 2018 ballot for yet another referendum! Oh, yes, true reform is not easy, but make no mistake, this kind of reform is the ONLY way to get real change, because it’s the only way to make elected officials responsive to actual voters, instead of to their big money backers.

If we can demonstrate this here in our county, it can be a model for other counties and states.

Without a change in campaign finance laws, we’ll have no improved health care, or many other reforms that are badly needed. And time is running out. By shoehorning a conservative judge onto the Supreme Court, Republicans have shown they intend to move toward the oligarchy that Sen. Sanders has predicted.

Let’s take the first step here in Howard County. Support CB30 and tell your council members to support it – including Republican councilman Greg Fox. And if they persist and it comes up on the ballot again next year, help work the[polls, volunteer to knock on doors. WE MUST GET THIS DONE!

Larry Carson


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