What We want!

We want a secure Social Security, so we must raise the income ceiling for payroll contributions to boost revenue. We want repaired tunnels, bridges, highways and better mass transit, so we have to raise the federal gasoline tax, which hasn’t increased since the early 90’s!

We want better, NOT worse health care, so we have to do the only thing that makes sense, include everyone-eliminate premiums, co-pays, deductibles and just tax everyone to pay for it. It will cut actual health care costs, eliminate lobbyists, advertising for insurance, a complex web of competing forms, rules, regulations, etc.

We want immigration reform that makes sense. We can’t shut the world out and criminalize millions of law abiding people trying to live a decent life. So pass a new law that actually does all that.

We want a common sense environmental policy-NOT watered down enforcement and laws that let billionare polluters to do anything they want!

There’s only one way to get all that, and it is to get people out to vote and get rid of enough of these obstructionist malcontents who want to go back 100 years! The Washington Post this week ran a story  about schools in many Oklahoma towns going to 4-day weeks and paying even veteran teachers under $50,000 a year because they’ve cut taxes so much they haven’t enough revenue to provide basic services like schools!

Republicans like to talk about reducing the debt, but eliminating revenue and services won’t reduce the debt, it will increase the debt!

Keep the faith and fight, fight, fight, all these insane ideas created by the Koch Bros, and other billionaires like Donald Trump. Vote them out of office!

Here in Maryland, you may think Larry Hogan isn’t so bad. Wait and see what happens if he wins a second and last term, and gets enough Republicans elected to the General Assembly to allow his vetoes to stand. then you will see the true Larry Hogan.

Larry Carson,


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