outrageous fraud

I WAS enraged Wednesday listening to the Joshua Johnson radio show on NPR as they discussed the Trump administration’s latest propaganda ploy disguised as a budget proposal.

The spending plan is an outrageous fraud intended to create a public narrative around draconian spending cuts, blocking out any reasonable discussion of how to move forward.

And as usual, it ignores facts, such as that the  majority of people who benefit from food stamps are children, and instead substitutes a fake “reality” in which all aid recipients are considered slackers and leeches while ignoring the tax cuts that would benefit the wealthy.

The beauty of it as propaganda is that it has succeeded. YOu don’t hear anyone talking about raising social security taxes on high income people, or a general tax increase that would quickly reduce the annual deficit.

Trump’s people, and the Dark Money Koch Bros. types know they can always drive a wedge  between the working poor who resent those with even less income who benefit from government programs.

So I say we shouldn’t debate the specifics of this false plan. We should discuss our own agenda-single payer health care for all, higher taxes and some spending cuts, including the defense budget, to reduce our debt and deficit, and programs that help people in need become self supporting, proud Americans.

Don’t let Trump and his minions control the conversation!

We kicked almost everyone off cash welfare two decades ago, but we failed to give them enough support, like child care, help with food and health care for long enough to actually make a difference. that left the poor on a treadmill they couldn’t sustain for long. Now  we’re all discussing cutting existing aid in huge punishing chunks, instead of what we should be doing to help.

Don’t fall for this fake line! Talk about what we should be doing, not what Republicans want us to talk about! Write a letter to a newspaper, spout off on Facebook and other social media, and tell people real solutions!

Larry Carson


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