Remember This Day

The Senate vote today to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is a triumph for the Koch Bros. and their billionaire friends who are working methodically to build an oligarchy to serve their own desires.

Doubt that? Borrow Jane Mayer’s book, “Dark Money” from the library and read it.

The dark money boys have taken over the Republican party and are working hard to take over the whole country, which is why we have to remember this day and work toward our own goal: a democracy we can all be proud of where the government serves the people, with a good health care system available to all,  fair election finance laws that allow a participatory system of government for everyone, not just the wealthy, and economic justice.

To get those things, we all have to participate and do our share. We can’t just sit at home assuming that someone else will do the hard stuff. So use this unfair event-the confirmation of a judge chosen for his ideological rigidity to favor big corporations and conservative causes- as motivation for next year’s mid-term elections, and 2020’s presidential contest. Volunteer for candidates who espouse your beliefs and help them get elected!

Larry Carson


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