What’s next?

The stunning failure of President Trump and congressional Republicans to repeal and destroy the Affordable Care Act gives us another chance to move forward.

Although the Republicans now say they will sit back and wait for health insurance to develop greater problems, blaming Democrats all the way, they really bear the responsibility for whatever happens next. They control the presidency and both houses of congress, so if bad things happen, or if they make regulatory changes that cause bad things to happen, the voters will know who is at fault.

Meanwhile, we should not stop putting on the pressure. Keep calling, writing and demonstrating for a better health care system-for measures to create a public option that would help finance the people with the most serious problems, while easing pressure on insurance premiums and deductibles.

We can be thankful, that now, the basic standards of a decent policy will remain in force.

Meanwhile, keep something else in mind. HR676 would potentially solve all these problems. It is the improved Medicare for all bill introduced every year by Rep. John Conyers, of Michigan.  If it is ever adopted, it would eliminate insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, the mandate and fights with insurers over coverage, replacing all that with an added tax payment that would pay for health care for everyone in this country.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said he will soon introduce a Medicare for all bill in the U.S. Senate too, and he’s inviting President Trump to work with him on that!

Larry Carson


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